In Macbeth, the audience is introduced to a character called Macbeth, he doesn’t appear in the scene but his name is mentioned by his captain during a battle and he is considered brave and strong soldier to pushed their side to victory.                           […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I’ve just finished reading your article regarding teenagers and their social lives involving social media. I partially believe in a few aspects the authors have raised, but in others I see things through a different perspective. For example on how teenagers would act, change character or even alter their attitude after […]

The poems ‘At the Border, 1979’ and Out of the Blue both demonstrate the effects of conflict on peoples lives, logically we that conflict is negative and its not loved by anyone. In between each stanza both poem have similarities and differences, one of these similarities is strong emotions which is emitted by the people […]

‘Out of the blue’ is a monologue interpreted by one of the victims inside the twin towers during the tragedy of 9/11. The emotion desperation sums up all feelings that travelled through peoples minds, everyone wanted to escape and get close to their loved ones. The title suits the poem, because thousands of employers working […]

The poems ‘Belfast Confetti’ and ‘At The Border 1979’ both talk about how conflict and war can affect feelings about a place. Choman Hardi and Ciaran Carson both demonstrate that war and conflict affect individuals, loved ones and a nation. This is displayed through the different type of language features in the poems. At the […]

1. Vaudevue’s death has been set in the first stanza by creating a lonely atmosphere. The poet has left this girl soldier by herself in the middle of no where buy the only thing is around is a round flat stone. ” She is alone, at midnight in the moonlight”. This quotation makes the reader […]

This poem was a response to the terrorist event 9/11. The poet is confused, insecure and no trust is portrayed to the reader. Throughout the poem the noun and the verb constantly changes. When the poet changes the noun to describe the figure standing outside the door which appear to be negative then positive for […]